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The impressive northern Lanna.

When I arrived in the city of Lanna, I have found what I like to impress many. The region is not hot air out the top of the mountain, forest, mountain waterfalls and numerous attractions. Including any of the above tendencies so good-natured and a very beautiful cultural. -

What to Wear to the north. Has a unique stripe cotton calico plants. -

The region has a sweet soft spoken voice musically. - Northern food.

It has a unique emphasis on eating vegetables. And natural foods. - The region's religious culture. Buddhist tradition ingrained with a lot of people tend to go to the temple to seek social and emotional reliance on religion. -

In the winter, northern glacial ice. Leaves on top. I was very excited to visit page. -The region has a mild mental. - Chiang Mai. The province is the most fun to play songkarn Festival of Thailand